Men Singing The Blues

Jack Broadbent


How does one define a sound?

In the case of Jack Broadbent it is complex. Let me tell you, I was fortunate to see him perform live recently. Because he draws from old classic blues guitar tunes and rock n’ roll, covering songs from Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Canned Heat and his original songs but he does make them all of his own.

He is raw, intense, enthusiastic, funny between songs, all in the while, playing his guitars sitting down. His way of sliding that hip flask on the strings…whoa, quite hypnotic! He really feels the music and you will feel it too, especially if you are near him. The English-born singer, songwriter and slide guitar master, who in this day-and-age of self-acts of internet publicity, has outlived the fifteen minutes of Andy Warhol’s rule, since he was You Tubed by a passerby while he was busking on the streets of Amsterdam. Apparently, the rest is history…

Jack Broadbent was not only the highlight of that night at the venue. Albert Castiglia and his band, who are local talent from South Florida, commanded the first hour of the show. What a night!

Jack Broadbent & Albert Castiglia

at The Funky Biscuit, April 2017


Albert Castiglia Band


Jack Broadbent and photoblogger Flavia Caldas


Albert Castiglia click here

Jack Broadbent click here

The Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton, Florida click here



All photos by Flavia Caldas



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