Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir

A visual interpretation, by still or motion picture (or both), of the joy and freedom when one feels comfortable in his/her own skin!

That place…only you know where it is.

This little noir-ish clip below (watch it on HD for better viewing pleasure!) is just a fun introduction about the concept and it also serves as a testing platform for the new digital, portable, media format out there. There’s no Photoshop, no fancy gear, no heavy make-up productions and artifices…just the subject, a camera, a Smartphone camera even. And the moment, showing the subject’s true beauty and the surroundings where he and/or she shines their light. Being creative with it but also keeping it real. What this project is not, just to make it clear, your traditional boudoir photography

To bare the body is easy. It’s a simple swift movement. To bare the soul, however, is a very complicated dance which many layers of veils are slowly released.

Do you wanna slow dance with me?–FC


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